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Don't leave your SMSF compliance to chance

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Your Practice can either Gain or Lose from your SMSF portfolio. It shouldn't be left to a game of chance – the key is to manage your SMSF compliance wisely with a quality, trusted SMSF auditor. 

Here are three things to look for when selecting a SMSF auditor.

1. Professionalism

Having an experienced, quality Australian-based auditor you can rely on will allow you to progress your SMSF portfolio without the risk of regressing through compliance problems. An auditor who takes the initiative to ask the right questions and inform you of any red flags in a timely fashion is your best friend in a tricky situation..

2. Efficiency

Quality and efficiency go hand-in-hand. Look for an auditor whose software platform integrates with your accounting system for reliable information transfer, ease of use and a speedy service. Save money through efficiency rather than by compromising on professional expertise.

3. Value

Have you considered the cost of non-compliance to both your practice and to your clients? Value for money in auditing is as much about protection as it is about keeping operating costs down. Your auditor should offer a value for money service that doesn't compromise on results.

Saul SMSF is Australia's most experienced and trusted independent SMSF Auditors. You can rely on us to provide good value, quality audits while also protecting your clients and your practice.

Don't leave it to chance, speak to us about build a sustainable SMSF portfolio for your Practice.

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