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The epitome of professionalism. David’s knowledge in his area of expertise is always up to date. He is an exceptional Auditor."

Ian Glenister – Principal,

Glenister & Co Business Lawyers

Why choose a quality SMSF auditor


Compliance requires sound judgment by a competent professional. New legislation has increased audit complexity and places more responsibility on Accountants and Auditors. As Actuarial Certificates are no longer needed, Accountants are now directly responsible for accurate calculations between Pension / Accumulation Funds and subsequent tax treatments. Audits also need to oversee the $1.6 million cap.

David Saul is one of Australia’s most trusted and sought after SMSF auditors and can assist with a high quality, comprehensive audit service. As one of the first SPAA accredited SMSF Specialist Advisors™, David’s advice is sought by Accounting firms across Australia. He is also a regular commentator on SMSF issues in industry publications and in The Australian Financial Review.

David leads a team of specialist and professional auditors servicing practices right across Australia. He is a CA, holds a Bachelor of Financial Administration and has over twenty years of experience in the SMSF space.


Penalties for non-complying funds are onerous and the ATO is getting tougher. Ensuring you get the best professional service from an experienced auditor you really trust protects your clients – and your firm. All audits at SaulSMSF are completed by our qualified and experienced staff. We do not outsource overseas. All of our SMSF audit services are performed here in Australia. Audits are independent and meet the requirements of APS 110.

We use a commercial, pragmatic approach based on good communication and the ability to work through compliance issues pragmatically. Your firm is able to discuss hypothetical compliance issues with our team and receive wise advice. SaulSMSF maintains ICAA standards and SPAA specialist qualifications.


Progressive use of technology enables both time and cost efficiencies. SaulSMSF uses state-of-the-art cloud technology to give a streamlined and efficient service that saves time in your Practice. Our software integrates seamlessly with your accounting system, regardless of which one you use, so it only takes minutes to upload documents and initiate the audit process.

We enable easy management of all stages of the audit process with real time access to reports on your clients’ audits including workflow status, compliance history, rate of return and benchmarking. Managing interpretation of these reports adds value to the strategic growth of your practice.


SaulSMSF usually turns audits around in days, but we guarantee a maximum of 2 weeks, which means you can invoice your clients quickly, keep your cashflow flowing and your practice running smoothly.

We offer flexibility in either billing funds directly or a structure to enable you to “on-bill” the end SMSF client, with the opportunity for a liaison margin.


SaulSMSF offers a cost-effective audit service with fee certainty and no hidden costs. While price is always a consideration, a decision based on price alone is false economy. SaulSMSF offers good value, quality audits while also protecting your clients and your practice... so you can sleep well!

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