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Under the Iceberg: More to SMSF audits than meets the eye...

While there is much discussion about the impact of the government's new stance on Self Managed Super, it's important to consider whether your firm is taking the wisest approach to compliance and SMSF audits.

Penalties for non-complying funds are onerous and the ATO is getting tougher. It's therefore essential to support your firm with an experienced Auditor that you can trust to protect your clients – and your firm - through the changes ahead.

Sound Judgement

Compliance requires sound judgment by a competent professional. As the regulator sets new provisions and raises audit standards, auditor competence is increasingly important.

Does your Auditor have the expertise to work through compliance issues pragmatically and with a sound, commercial approach?

Confidence in the Right Advice

David Saul is one of Australia’s most trusted and sought after SMSF auditors. As one of the early SPAA accredited SMSF Specialist Advisors, David’s advice is sought by Accounting firms across Australia. He is also a regular commentator on SMSF issues in industry publications and has recently been appointed to the SMSF Professional Standards Committee.

Don’t expose your firm to the hidden risks of SMSF auditing. Contact us to discuss hypothetical compliance issues and receive wise direction.

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