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Spring clean your SMSF audits

Quality + Efficiency = Value

With spring in the air, and new SMSF Financial Licensing around the corner, it might be time to review your SMSF Audit approach.

We advocate the following 5 Pillars of Quality SMSF Auditing:


Genuinely independent audits give key benefits to your accounting firm. Keeping at arms’ length from the audit process allows you to work with the auditor to identify compliance issues and address these with the client without straining the client relationship. Honest feedback reduces your risk as an accounting firm and also gives peace of mind through knowing that the funds have been thoroughly scrutinised. 


sted, quality audits build your reputation. We are an established and highly experienced firm. Our professional standing and considerable experience in the Australian SMSF industry has earned us a reputation as an opinion leader within the industry.  We are also personable and focus on good communication to achieve successful outcomes.


Variation in SMSF audit fees can make it difficult to recognise good value. SAUL SMSF maintains a strong emphasis on efficiency and timeliness through effective use of technology and highly trained, specialised staff.  We also maintain a high level of integrity and independence. This combination of efficiency and quality represents good value.


Our professional effort is focussed on maintaining the knowledge, skills and qualifications needed to provide high quality SMSF audits. David Saul has 18 years’ experience with SMSFs; is a long-time member of SPAA; and is among the first advisors in Australia to achieve the SMSF Specialist Advisor™ accreditation from SPAA. David is also a member of the ICAA.


Our efficiency is enhanced by our state of the art auditing software, our dedicated client portal and workflow management system, that enables us to complete your audit with a 2-week turnaround. No other SMSF audit firm in Australia provides an auditing platform comparable to ours. It is one of the key reasons we are one of Australia’s most reliable and efficient SMSF auditors.

Empower your SMSF business by selecting a quality, efficient audit service. Contact us for more information.

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