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On the Lighter Side

Aspirational Insights from the CA Conference

While I usually write about SMSF insights, this time for a lighter change, I've decided to share some inspirational tips gained from the keynote speaker at the CA conference, Wayne Bennett, Brisbane Broncos Head Coach.

Here are some take home points on success and achievement:

Like Yourself The first priority is to like yourself and be happy on the inside.  The great thing in our life is that we can teach ourselves, we can learn to be who we want to be.  If we're sad, it's because we choose to be.  We can also choose to be happy. We live with ourselves 24/7 so are we being the person who we'd like to be around?  Wayne said the secret to success is about knowing yourself and being honest with yourself.  You are better to see who you are, not who you think you should be.

Accountability Don't blame others or waste time justifying things.  Be accountable and make everybody around you accountable too.

Calmness Teach yourself calmness. If you create uncertainty, you create a sea of disaster. 

Listen Don't talk too much.   As you stop listening, people will turn off you.

Be Your Best It is not about being perfect, it is about being your best. Are you the best you can be? Do you have the best team around you?  Wayne advised that we don't compare ourselves to other people as this lets us down. Rather focus on making yourself the best you can be and have your team support you.

Above the Line Wayne talked about how we can operate “Above the Line” or “Below the Line”. Being above the line means we are responsible and contributing team members. Being below the line means we are not carrying our weight and need to lift our game.  Take time to review your own contribution and that of others in your team.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly We all have qualities and views of ourselves as good, bad or ugly.  Are you conscious about how you think about yourself.  Which one do you feed... the good, the bad or the ugly?

In wrapping up, Wayne said, "I still coach because I want to be better".  I felt challenged to consider what I want to improve and what I can do better, both in my personal life and in my business.  Perhaps you might like to consider what it is that you can improve and how to make people feel good around you.

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