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New Regulations from 1 July 2016

New Financial Licensing from 1 July 2016 may prevent you from auditing your own SMSF clients, so it’s time to make a wise choice for your Practice.

Balancing risk and revenue Consider these aspects of performing your own SMSF audits:

  • Resource Intensive: requires specialised staff, software and data mining resources.T

  • ime Consuming: must keep up with regulatory changes.

  • Price Sensitivity: negotiating profitable fees can be difficult.

Get your firm on the front foot by outsourcing to an experienced specialist, so you can focus on more profitable work and also trust that you are getting the best possible advice for your SMSF clients.

All audits at Saul SMSF are completed by our qualified and experienced staff based here in Australia. Audits are independent and meet the requirements of APS 110.

Contact Saul SMSF to find out how we can add value to your practice.

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