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Keep out of the firing line: Watch the Video

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Don't get caught in the Blame Game

Our little expert is back with another wise tip. Hear the wisdom of his years!

When something goes wrong...

SMSF regulations are continuously tightening and the ATO is scrutinising compliance closer than ever before. Will this put you in the firing line?

Who holds the blame?

Who's to blame for non-compliant funds? The accountant, financial planner, auditor, bank manager... all can potentially be caught up in the blame game and Professional Indemnity may not cover all situations.

Even if you are not found liable, being embroiled in months of legal proceedings can have a disastrous cost to your practice and your reputation.

Keep out of the firing line

Get it right the first time! Investing in a quality, trusted SMSF audtior that places quality over quantity will help you stay out of trouble!

Contact Saul SMSF for more information.

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