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SMSF compliance is complex and a professional Accounting firm needs the best possible insight to advise clients appropriately. 

A quality auditor can help your firm navigate through complex SMSF scenarios. Keep watch for these 5 fundamental points of quality auditing and safeguard your practice and your clients.

1. Expertise

Is your auditor a recognised industry leader? Do they have all the right accreditations? Saul SMSF is one of the first SMSF Association accredited SMSF Specialist Advisors, and David Saul is a regular commentator in industry publications such as the SMSF Adviser and the Australian Financial Review.

2. Independence

Does your auditor meet all ATO standards of independence? Saul SMSF works closely with you while maintaining professional independence at all times, so you can rest assured your funds are fully compliant.

3. Transparency

Does your auditor prioritise transparency and maintain open channels of communication? Are there hidden costs you may not know about? At Saul SMSF, we guarantee full transparency and no hidden costs at all times. We inform you upfront of the fee for service and advise you in advance if there is likely to be a variation.

4. Efficiency

Is your Auditor on the leading edge of technology? Saul SMSF's innovative Relliance platform uses cloud technology to integrate seamlessly with your accounting system and give you a streamlined and efficient experience. This means we usually turn audits around in days, but guarantee a maximum turnaround of 2 weeks.

5. Integrity

Is your Auditor's name synonymous with integrity? Saul SMSF is one of Australia's most trusted SMSF auditors. David Saul is a passionate advocate for transparency in the industry and all team members are qualified, experienced and maintain the highest standards.

Don't get lost in the storm. Let us guide you to safe harbour. Contact Saul SMSF for more information.

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