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False sense of security?

Don't cross your fingers and hope for the best

Simply having your SMSFs audited may not be enough to protect you. Having a professional, quality auditor who's got your back can make all the difference in a tricky situation.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to make sure you have an auditor you can rely on:

Does your auditor focus on quality?

It's important not to sacrifice quality for cost-effectiveness. Doing so can land you with an auditor that cuts corners to prioritise speed and reduce costs. Look for an auditor who always puts quality first while still offering value-for-money.

Does your auditor look beyond the surface?

Your auditor shouldn't just punch in the numbers and take things at face value. A quality auditor digs deeper and analyses what those numbers are saying about the SMSF in order to effectively identify red flags. 

Does your auditor ask the right questions?

Knowing when to ask the right questions can be the difference between ensuring a compliant fund and being caught out. Trust in an auditor who maintains open channels of communication to keep you fully informed.

At Saul SMSF, we look in all the right places and ask all the right questions to ensure the highest possible quality is maintained at all times. We are fully independent, SMSF Association accredited SMSF Specialist Advisors and all our staff are experienced and qualified. We focus on quality without compromising on efficiency or value.

Don't cross your fingers and hope for the best... Depend on Australia's most trusted SMSF Auditor. Contact us for more information.

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